Marlee and Jayla at the Colosseum in Rome

While playing around with taking photos on a white background, Jayla and Marlee came for a visit and became my models. I then blended them into this picture at the Colosseum.

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The Fisher Woman

Friday 26th April 2013

We went fishing for the day at at  Ohou B.

The ladies had a very successful fishing day with Sheree catching a 4.2lb Brown Trout that she released back to fight again. Debbie also caught a good Salmon but no photo.

Karen caught this 71b Salmon and the next day she followed it with an 8lb’er.

It was all girl power.

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Swingers at Otematata

Enjoying the Otematata park with Koopa

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Alex’s 7th Birthday Party at Chipmunks

[flickr album=72157627374767758 num=14 size=Thumbnail]

I was not planning on going to Chipmunks but had an emergency phone call from Richard asking if I would do him a favour. They had taken their camera with them but it was not working, so he wanted me to drive into town and take some photos of the party for them. They had also lost the cords to recharge their video camera so did not have that either. Tom and Janet were there also so we took the opportunity to get some photos of the four boys together. They can be seen here.

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The Handsome Four

[flickr album=72157627250372053 num=5 size=Thumbnail]

Taken at Alex’s 7th birthday party at Chipmunks

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Meeting Marlee

[flickr album=72157627143123079 num=10 size=Thumbnail]

Mike, Chelle and Jayla came out with Marlee so we could hold her for the first time and give her the puppet we bought in Collodi, Italy

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