Leaving Florence arriving in Lucca

The square inside the walled town of LuccaYes that is a street and cars do go up and down itLucca square or PiazzaFiesole home and viewAnother Fiesole home entranceThe sun seeding in the skinny street
Camping at a damNot the best shop to visitThe view some homes get in FiesoleA birds eye view of Florence from FiesoleFiesole streetsA Fiesole house door
Our accommodation in LuccaThe square in Fiesole


Putting aside the traffic Florence had grown on us, so again it was with a tinge of sadness that it was time to leave.
Our first stop was a little town high on the hills above Florence called Fiesole. The views from up here were magnificent and there were some lovely homes on the step climb to the lookout.
We had some time and Sheree had heard about a fashion outlet store in a town a little out of our way called Barberino Di Mugello. Unfortunately when we arrived it was closed as many business are in Italy on Sundays and sometimes between 12pm and 2pm. The upside for us was that we came across a large lake formed by a dam that was very obviously a camping and holiday area.(see pic)
We arrived early evening in Lucca and our B&B (see pic). Once settled in we decided to go for a stroll around this walled town as it was such a lovely evening and look for somewhere for tea.
Lucca appears to be more of a family town and it was just lovely wondering around seeing all the families just enjoying the evening and socializing in the many different Piazzas (little open squares) dotted around the town. We found a Kebab place so decided on this for a change. They made it up like they do in Greece by putting chips inside with the meat & salad. Yummy. Steven was proud of himself as he ordered everything in Italian.

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