Leaving day

Well this is it the day we have been looking forward to for so long is finally here and we are really really really excited….like squirmy stomachs excited.

Just doing the final bits and pieces and getting in a panic about ‘have we remembered everything’. Just can’t wait to get on that plane. Once that happens there is no more you can do. If we have forgotten anything then to bad, cos the Sharpeze are gone,gone,gone.

Spoke to Andrew last night and he and Chris are picking us up at the airport in a flash BMW. Andrew is confident he knows his way around London. Real VIP treatment hehehe.

The day is a bit drizzly here in Dunedin but promises to be nicer later on. That suits us because we do not leave until 5:10pm for Auckland and then at 11pm we take off for the UK via a 1 hr stop over in Hong Kong.

Penny drove us to the airport and also took this pick of a couple of excited travelers just before leaving for the airport

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