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WOW! WOW! FU##KING WOW, is the only way I can think to describe this awesome day.
First we all packed into the car and headed to a town called Eze – on the Côte d’Azur in Provence. Chris and Gemma had been there before and he said the views were spectacular, over looking the bays that the wealthy play in. There was another of those steep climbs through the lovely little village of Eze. This was a mixture of French and Italian style with quaint skinny streets and stone clad homes, little hotels and shops.
Along the road before the town of Eze we had some pretty spectacular views but the views from the top here were just stunning (see pics).
From here we decided to go to Monaco. This is another country but only 30 mins away and you need to cross over an invisible border to get there. Jennifer the GPS informed us when we had entered Monaco.
As you drive down the hill into Monaco the opulence and wealth is obvious. From the plethora of huge luxury launches in the bays to the lovely clean streets and buildings even though they are old.
From here it was a five minute drive to Monte Carlo Casino and this car load of high rollers were going to show them how it was done…..yeah right.
Along the way electronic signs are telling you how many car parks are left at the casino of which 35 remained and one was for us. We wound our way down inside the depths of the casino to get our park. When we got out of the car it was very hot and stuffy and we all felt uncomfortable. We got changed into shoes and better clothes we had bought with us in case we could not get in. This proved unnecessary, however you did need 10€ each and ID to get in. Bex had no ID on her so Chris offered to stay outside with Bex while me Sheree and Andrew went in to make our fortune.
This place is very opulent inside and we were not permitted to take photos. We were very surprised how small it was, not much bigger than Dunedin Casino. However there was that feeling of being inside something very special. 4 staff watch every table and only a few of them had people playing at them. We headed for the slot machines as there was a minimum 25€ bet at most tables however some did start a 5€. Even Andrew was not happy to sit at any. The 2¢ slot machine received our 5€ note which went up and down in winnings until finally the inevitable when we headed for the exit. But not before trying the opulent toilets with some one there to wait on you inside and the self cleaning seats. Once outside we laughed about the fact we had been to Monte Carlo Casino and played the house.
Parked outside the Casino are some of the most amazing dream cars all lined up at the front and being watched by the casino staff. We watched the bling loaded owners come out to their pre started cars that would be driven 10 meters and pointed in the right direction for them to get into. 10€ would be given to the casino employer for his little effort and they would roar off in there new Ferrari or Maserati or Bentley or Rolls Royce or V12 AMG turbocharged Mercs or ……..the list just goes on.
We then wondered town to go for a dip in the Monte Carlo Bay. This was very clean and the sand was obviously imported but a very nice beach.
I noticed the Tandem Paragliding was on offer and tried to get Sheree to come with me but she was concerned she would hurt herself so Andrew offered to go halves with me and off we went. I can not put into words how wonderful this was gliding high above the boat with Bex and Sheree inside and Bex taking photos, while we took in the views of the beautiful Monte Carlo on this clear warm blue sky day, and all the yachts below us. After 15 mins of this we splashed back down into the bay totally pumped after an incredible experience.
We drove back home via Nice and noticed all the bands and discos setting up for a night of music to welcome the first day of summer.
Once home it was a quick bite to eat and then we all wondered down to the old town of Antibes to take in all the bands and discos playing there on this night also. We jived and drank the night away to some great music until after 2am when we happily and very contentedly wobbled home after such an amazing day.

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