Scotland day five

Urquhart Castle towerLoch Ness diving suitGuess where this isUrquhart Castle on a windy dayUrquhart CastleEntrance to Urquhart Castle
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Scotland day five, a set on Flickr.

Left Inverness after staying at the same B & B. Drove about 50 min down to Loch Ness. They had an interactive exhibition centre that explained to us the public sightings & scientific research that has gone on to try to solve the loch Ness monster debate. Unfortunate we are still left wondering. The lake is the biggest in Britain & most famous in the world. A short distance away is Urquart Castle overlooking the shores of Loch Ness and the mountains beyond. Because of time constants we only had time to view & photograph from the carpark. We did get our book stamped to prove we had been there. The attendant was not that impressed that we had not gone through as she said this was the best castle in the country. Just could not afford the time as we had to catch our flight back to London from Edinburgh and we still had to drive another 3hrs.
We wished that we had left more time for this part of Scotland as it is absolutely beautiful. It reminded us of the west cost of the South Island with a little of the East coast thrown in.
The ride over the Highlands was amazing and just like we had imagined it to be.
Arrived in to Edinburgh with less than an hour to spare and caught our flight back to London.
Scotland has captured our hearts and would highly recommend it as a place to visit but you need about 2 weeks minimum other wise you just brush the edges even then you would still need more. It’s a bit like trying to see the South Island in 5 days…you just can not do it justice. The people of Scotland are warm and friendly and we always felt more than welcome.

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