Third day in London

Immediately after the showThe building where Andrew worksBicycle hireHyde Park CornerHyde Park Corner2Buckingham palace guards
Visiting aunty LizAunty Liz's town houseAunty's gatesFamily shieldBuckingham Palace 2Aunty Liz said she would meet us here but she was running late
Just hanging around at Aunty'sWicked ShowOutside the Theatre

Third day in London, a set on Flickr.


Not quite as warm today and also a bit windy again. Went to see Andrew at his work and meet all the people he works with. Decided to walk to Hyde Park and got lost on the way. Should have taken the tube, but wanted to do something different. Spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to get from Hyde Park to Buckingham Palace. Finally got there with all the other tourists. You can not help but be in awe of this place it is very impressive. The royal helicopter landed while we where there. Went to see the show called Wicked at the Apollo theater in Victoria, it was awesome.
Returned home around 11pm on the tube. Getting around using the tube just fine

Bit worried about this ash cloud starting to form again. We are supposed to be flying back from Scotland in 5 days time and flights are already canceled there. We also leave for Europe on the 31st of May so it better be sorted by then.

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